Welcome to the 2010 edition of Bank Swirled.

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To Our Readers:

Need help to open, print or shred your copy of the 2010 Final Edition of Bank Swirled? Call the New ISG Ciber Helpdesk, at x32121, conveniently located near the Abhaya Ashram in downtown Bangalore.

If it takes a little longer "hold time" to reach one of our underage client support specialists, we are sorry, but not as sorry as you will be while you listen to Hindistani music as you wait. Be advised that our automated queuing system has been programmed to drop any call in which the caller says "I am Paul Cadario!" (either spoken, screamed, or whispered in a low, menacing tone). For best service, tell "Susie" (Susheela) "I know Elisa personally. I am in a cab speeding to Dulles and urgently need to print Bank Swirled from my BlackBerry on the Air France Lounge printer before I begin my mission to end poverty."


The 32121 Ciber Help Desk Offshore Team (faster than 31010!)
Bangalore, India.
"Fighting Poverty One Irate Phone Call At A Time"